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What Is Home Health Care?Green CountryServices
Home health care consists of medical care provided in the patient's home through licensed, certifiedagencies such as Green Country Home Health Care Inc. Services are provided by registered nurses, certified aides, and registered therapists under a written plan of care approved by your personal physician. After receiving your physician's order, a home health registered nurse will contact you and come to your home. The nurse will evaluate your condition and start your course of treatment. Your treatment will be adjusted to meet your changing needs by coordinating all changes with your physician. When you are better and no longer need home health services, your home health care will be discontinued. Home health care was created by Medicare, specifically to provide medical care in the home for patients who have difficulty leaving their home. Medicare planners knew that patients will recover faster when receiving medical care in their home because they are not required to undergo the stress and exposure of repeat trips to a medical facility.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Home Health Care?
Medicare will pay for 100% of home health services for a qualified Medicare beneficiary. To qualify a patient must:

  • Be confined to the home except for infrequent or short absences or trips for medical care. The patient generally has a condition due to an illness or an injury which restricts their ability to leave their place of residence without the assistance of another person.
  • Require either skilled nursing services, or physical, occupational or speech therapy services.

How to Get Home Health Care
You must have your doctor's order to receive home health care. Either your doctor or his nurse will suggest home care or you may ask them for the order if you believe you qualify. Call Green Country Home Health Care Inc and we will contact your physician for you. 
   Call 918-343-5720 if you are hospitalized and require home health after discharge. Hospitals keep a list of all home health agencies providing services in the area, and will ask you to select one from the list. They will then notify the home health agency for you.

Why You Should Choose Green Country Home Health Care
Green Country Home Health Care Inc is Claremore's locally owned and operated home health agency, with our main office in Claremore. We have been serving the Claremore area for over eight years. Green Country Home Health Care Inc was founded on the principle of providing the highest quality care to our patients. Our Medicare Team of highly qualified professional Nurses and Home Health Aides understand what patients go through, and know what home care patients need. 
   At Green Country, we have built our organization around providing precisely the kind of care that patients need. Each patient has an individual "plan of care" for their specific needs, designed by our nurses in conjunction with the patient's physician. Our goal is recovery of patients to the highest level possible of wellness and independence. At Green Country, we call ourselves "The Nursing Specialists" based on our Board Certified and Medicare accredited staff in multiple areas of nursing. We provide extensive experience and expertise in Geriatric Psych, as well as other acute and chronic illnesses of the elderly.
   All of our physical, occupational and speech therapies are provided through Tri-Med Physical Therapy, a company personally selected by our administration based on their outstanding results with our patients. Green Country provides a full line of home health services including skilled nursing, home health aides, physical, occupational, and speech therapy, and medical social services.

Mission Statement
We are in the business of helping our patients regain their health and independence.

Business Strategy Statement
We accomplish the purpose of our business by providing our patients with the best possible comprehensive care, while continually re-assessing each patient in order to optimize their plan of care and treatment.

Medicare covers 100% of the cost of qualified home health care. We will bill Medicare directly for you. Medicare will send you reports verifying the claims billed by our office. Many private insurance companies cover home health care costs. We will work with you to verify insurance coverage and assist you with any insurance billing or explain private pay rates for our services.

Safe and efficient care that is sufficient to improve or maintain the client's maximum possible state of health or comfort in the individual's own home, including at a minimum:

  • Professional assessment and reassessment at intervals appropriate to your condition and services The home care plan is developed cooperatively by your physician and Green Country staff with participation of the client and in consultation with the family (or legal guardian).
  • Professional care that is provided by our Board Certified and Medicare accredited staff in multiple areas of nursing. We provide extensive experience and expertise in all acute and chronic illnesses of the elderly.
  • A client shall receive instructions and training about the illness or disability for which care is being provided; know his/her responsibilities in the overall treatment plan and be apprised on a continuing basis of likely outcome. The client has the right to refuse any portion of planned treatment without relinquishing other portions of the treatment plan, except where medical contraindications to partial treatment exist.
  • Assistance in obtaining services of other community resources as needed Treatment of your person and your property with courtesy, respect, sensitivity, and concern at all times by supervised, bonded personnel, qualified for their jobs by education and experience.
  • Our policy is to assure a continuum of care which is delivered in an efficient convenient manner to all clients regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, handicap, national origin or source of payment.
  • Maintenance of your clinical record and all information retained in the agency about you or your care with confidentiality. No person who is not otherwise authorized by law, may receive or review that information without your written consent.

We provide those in need of our Home Health services home care of the highest quality that will make their recovery as brief and as pleasant as possible, or will maintain them in the most independent and comfortable condition as possible, and will contribute to maximizing the quality of life for all our patients.


  • Skilled Nursing
  • Geriatric Psych Nursing
  • Home Health Aide
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Medical Social Services
  • Medicaid Personal Care Aides

Green Country Home Health Care Inc
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